[Séminaire ATILF] Tatiana Sofronova : Development of multilingual network resource for comparative and contrastive representation of fire science terminology

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The topic of my presentation is related to the topic of my postdoc fellowship. The project goal is the development of a multilingual network resource for a comparative-contrastive representation of fire science terminology at the high modern technological level. This resource is meant to:

1) combine features of translation, explanatory, encyclopedic, ideographic and student’s dictionaries;
2) help to treat each national fire science terminology with care preserving the uniqueness of each system of knowledge;
3) enable comparison of different countries’ scientific terminologies for their harmonization (at the level of systems through terminology comparison and at the level of individual terms through terminology contrasting);
4) suggest joint ways of solving translation issues by terminology translators and fire science experts;
5) reflect diachronic development of a scientific notion behind a term and existing approaches to its explanation;
6) be open for updating and editing;
7) provide potential involvement of fire science terminologies from different languages and countries to this project.

Such an electronic resource could become the basis for a large international project on development of a multilingual network resource on similar informational and technological but more rigorous scientific principles as Wikipedia or Wiktionary.

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